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Anti-lost Smart Tag


None of that "i lost my keys" anymore.. 

Usually when we're in a rush to do something we forget where we place our valuables..... That is all history now.

The Anti-lost smart tag keeps your valuables in check by locating through a GPS system, easing out the issue of "losing your keys" or not finding your car in the parking lot.... it happens..

  • The Smart tag keeps your valuables within a range of 75 feet before alarming your phone through the smart tag app that your valuables is pretty far.

  • Smart tag app can track a variety of smart tags at the same time, making sure the it covers all valuables efficiently.
  • The smart tag comes in various colours, pick a colour for each item.
  • The Smart tag app i equipped with a locator, once launched it will locate your items through the GPS Locator, a pin-drop will be marked automatically on your map with the items location.

Self portrait camera remote

  • The smart tag also works as a remote for your camera to capture all your amazing moments (while you're in the photo this time).

Voice recorder

  • Smart tag is also equipped with voice recording, once triggered on your phone smart tag will immediately start recording.